Trail Mix: Carolina Brothers Pit Barbeque

Located at mile 27.5 of the W&OD Trail (at the intersection of the W&OD and Ashburn Road), Carolina Brothers Pit Barbeque provides a yummy resting stop for bikers, joggers, and other trail users. The restaurant is located directly adjacent to the trail, and is very trail-user friendly, with bike racks and plenty of outdoor seating. A typical weekend day finds Carolina Brothers hosting plenty of cyclists and walkers as well as locals stopping in for mouth-watering barbeque.

Outdoor seating and bike racks at Carolina Brothers Pit Barbeque in Ashburn, located directly adjacent to the W&OD Trail

Caroline Brothers

Carolina Brothers’ menu is what you would expect from the name:  Carolina-style pork, beef, or chicken BBQ, as well as baby-back ribs. They offer sides such as baked beans, coleslaw, or macaroni and cheese, and often have cornbread and slices of pie or other deserts available on the counter. Carolina Brothers also has several coolers full of soda, sports drinks, and cold bottled water, so this is a great spot for a basic hydration or snack stop, even if you’re not ready for a full lunch.

Trail Mix will be a regular blog feature highlighting restaurants and other local businesses that are easily accessible from bike trails. Some of these spots might be very well known to local trail users, but even for those obvious choices, I’m hoping that this series is useful to folks visiting a trail for the very first time, or for ride group organizers looking for a good place for their groups to take a short break.  However, this series is not limited to businesses located directly adjacent to trails – I’m also planning to highlight some places that are a little ways off the trail, but worth the small detour.  I’m always looking for new places to check out, so please share your favorite local stopping points on the W&OD, and other trails!

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