Garden Daydreaming: upcoming classes, flower shows, and garden tours

daffodil border

A border of cheerful daffodils

As I watch the sleet knocking the remaining blossoms off of our flowering cherry tree out-front, I have to remind myself that this present gloominess shall soon pass. So, I wanted to highlight a couple of upcoming Garden events – I find that thinking  ahead is sometimes enough to distract me (a little bit) from the present gloom.



  • The Magic of Monarchs talks scheduled for April 19th and 23rd. Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy trains gardeners on practical ways to help monarch butterfly populations through planting ‘monarch waystations.’  Our townhouse’s postage stamp-sized yard doesn’t get a lot of sun, but I think that we have enough sunny spots to fit a couple of milkweed plants, and maybe some zinnias and other annual nectar plants in containers on the deck. Figure that every little bit helps!
  •  Loudoun County Master Gardeners also list a number of upcoming classes and events on their website. On April 30th, they are holding a class on “Building a Backyard Veggie Garden” at 7 pm at the Sterling Library, and “Deer Resistant Gardens” will be at 7 on on May 1 at the Rust Library in Leesburg.


  • The 24th Annual Leesburg Flower and Garden Show is scheduled for April 26th and 27th in historic downtown Leesburg  (King, Market, and Cornwall streets). More than 150 vendors will be selling flowers, plants, garden decorations, and other items. Lots to do, even for the non-gardeners:  the wine garden will showcase local vineyards and breweries, and there will be food vendors and live music at the Show.

If you’re concerned about parking (or just want to get in a bit of exercise), I wanted to note that it’s very easy to bike to the Leesburg Flower and Garden Show. The W&OD trail crosses King Street a bit west of mile marker 34.5;  from the trail, it’s just a short walk up King St. to the event. I wouldn’t recommend bringing a bike into the event itself, but it should be easy enough to find a place to lock up your bike somewhere before entering into the exhibit area. The downside of biking  is that you are somewhat limited – of course – as to the number of plants that you can bring home with you…on the other hand, I have to admit that my husband views this limitation as a positive thing!

  • A bit further away, Baltimore’s Flower Mart is scheduled for May 2nd and 3rd, and will feature food, costume contests, and live music as well as plant sales.  May 3rd is also the date for Baltimore’s Kinetic Sculpture Race, so it looks to be a fun day over at the Charm City.


On April 27 and 28, the Leesburg Garden Club and the  Fauquier and Loudoun Garden Club are co-hosting garden tours at five properties in Middleburg and Upperville. This is organized as part of Historic Garden Week in Virginia. Also, the Washington Post recently published a list of local home and garden tours throughout the DC Metro area.  So many beautiful places to visit!



To my great surprise, the deer have left my tulips alone. Hopefully I didn’t jinx them via this post!

Well, after thinking about all of these fun and inspiring activities, now I’m really chomping at the bit to get back out into my garden!



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