Butterflies, Biking and Other Blurbs

A couple of items that I thought might be of interest…


Helping out Monarch Butterflies

Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy has scheduled several Butterfly-friendly plant sales for this weekend thru early June.  Monarch butterfly populations are decreasing, so the Conservancy is promoting Monarch waystations, which include both milkweed plants – that provide food for monarch caterpillars, and other nectar plants that provide food for adult Monarchs and other butterflies.

Like many other folks, I don’t have many sunny spots available near my house.  However, I planted a couple of milkweed plants along the side of our townhouse (next to the AC unit), and some nectar plants on the patio, and I’m hoping for the best.  Definitely will be posting if I see any Monarchs – butterflies OR caterpillars!


Locally-Made Biking Gear

This biking gear is sewn one state over (up in Coraopolis, PA – near Pittsburgh), but I think that the biking clothes created by  Aero Tech designs still counts as local.  And speaking of butterflies – this fabulous butterfly girl jersey is so fun!!!!  I’m not really into biking-specific clothing – generally prefer to use the same clothes for multiple sports – but I don’t think that I can resist this print.


Canoeing on the Canal

I just read about this really cool blog of a couple doing a canoe trip down the C&O canal.  I didn’t realize how much longer it would take to canoe the canal than to bike the adjacent towpath, but regardless, this sounds like a wonderful adventure!


Local Flowers

I recently posted about the gorgeous locally-grown flowers that my husband and I had for our wedding. If you’re planning a wedding or other event in or near the DC area, I would enthusiastically recomend both/either of those vendors, but also wanted to mention the Slowflowers.com website, which provides a national director of florists, shops, and studios who design with American-grown flowers.



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