April Showers bring (Locally-Grown) Wedding Flowers

I don’t think that I frittered too much of my girlhood planning my future wedding, but when those thoughts did slip into my tomboy-ish head, I always assumed that I would just head out to my own gardens and pick a simple, beautiful bouquet.  After all, I grew up on Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, and Little House on the Prairie.  Easy-peasy, right?

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Local Color Flower provided arrangements for an April wedding:
Tulips, Daffodils, Iris, Statice, and other flowers, in small jars and glassware borrowed from a favorite aunt of the bride.

Ummm, unfortunately, not so easy!  I’ve planted flowers in my little urban/suburban rental spots, but honestly, most of my gardens might have been good for one teeny arrangement for a dinner party, certainly not enough to supply even a smallish wedding party.  Someday, maybe….but I’m not that kind of gardener right now.

But, thankfully, it’s quite possible to get fresh, local  flowers in the Northern VA/DC area.  For example, a good friend of mine asked Ellen of Local Color Flowers to provide the flowers for her April wedding.  So lovely!

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Local Color Flowers – April wedding bouquet.

Local Color Flowers works with local growers to provide fresh, seasonal arrangements for weddings and other events.  Loco Flowers are able to provide lovely arrangements even in the winter months.  And, they have classes!   Ellen & co. are based in Baltimore, and they provide flowers for weddings in DC and Virginia, as well as Maryland.


Closer to Loudoun, Patricia from Garden in the Woods grows most of her flowers in her own Martinsburg, WV gardensThese photos show Patricia’s arrangements for a late August wedding at the Barns of Wolftrap.  The larger arrangements were done in mason jars, while the smaller arrangements were in old glassware borrowed from a family friend.  So fun!  And so pretty.  The flowers literally took my breath away when I walked into the reception hall.  

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A small locally-grown arrangement perfectly fills in on the dinner table.


Of course,  it was mwedding, so that might have had a little bit to do with it, I’m guessing. But regardless – I’d happily recommend both Patricia and Ellen to anyone who is looking for fresh, locally-grown flowers for their wedding, or any sort of special occasion!

Zinnias adding a pop of color to a Garden in the Wood arrangement, along with salvia, hydrangea, and some very funky sedges.

Zinnias adding a pop of color to a Garden in the Wood arrangement, along with salvia, hydrangea, and some funky sedges.

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