Hi! I’ve been thinking about this blog idea for a while, and I’m so glad to finally get started! But I guess that I should begin by trying to explain why I’m writing. Basically, I want to learn more about my home. I want to be able to look outside my window and be able to name the birds that are at the feeder, and know what flowers grow best in my (small, shady) garden. I figure that one of the best ways to really learn these things is to commit to writing about them.

Also, I want to explore – find good trails to go hiking with the puppy-dog, and calm put-ins for the kayak. I know of some good spots, both in Loudoun County and nearby, but I’d like to find more great locations to visit. I’m happy to share my favorite places, since I figure that the more people who love and are looking out for the rivers and trails and parks, the better. In my opinion at least. I guess there’s maybe a danger that too many of us out there can love these places too much, but I think that there’s room enough for all of us to play outside…..even on busiest sections of the W&OD trail.

But it’s not all just nature in this blog. There are a lot of Loudoun folks making their living doing some very cool work. And really, I just want an extra reason to forage at farmers markets, eat yummy things at local restaurants, and visit beautiful wineries. So, I’m going to include a local business section on this blog. Um yeah…I NEED to buy that pie in order to write a blog post. SUCH a sacrifice. 😉

In summary – good food, outdoor adventures, gardening experiments, and a lot of fun. Hope that you enjoy!

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  1. Rebecca Arenson-Rachlinski
    03/24/2014 at 5:01 PM

    Looking forward to more posts!

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